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The Jam Band hails from Clearwater, Florida and plays classic rock songs spanning the decades...the same ones we span. 

It started out back in 2006 when Cary, Mike and other working dads and friends got together to play around musically and see what would happen.  We decided to stick together and figured out how to play some of the favorite music we grew up with. Sometimes we did longgggg jam sessions to flex our creative muscles and see where that would take us. And so we called ourselves The Jam Band.  It's a simple name and we best express ourselves with the songs we play, the jams we create and the messages we deliver. We love jamming and playing the classic rock songs we grew up with.  Our wild ride has taken us outside of our US backyard to such places as Brazil, Banglasesh, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Israel and more. Who would have thought...?


The Jam Band has had several configurations over the years because... well... it’s a Jam Band, and life has lots of moving parts - including people.  Lots of like-minded musicians and have played with us for years at a time or just a single gig, jam or practice session.  Many have revisited.  We consider there is a long list of honorary Jam Band members - with more to come.

Our current group is a well-rounded musical and vocal bunch featuring:


Cary Goulston

drums and vocals

Mike Campbell

guitar, drums, bass


Geoff Taft

guitar, bass, vocals


Sylvie Taft

vocals, keyboard, percussion


Claire Wagner

vocals, percussion

In addition to the pure pleasure of playing together, The Jam Band also supports and lends itself out to various groups supporting the following social betterment activities:

How to Make Good Choices

The Way to Happiness

Drug Free World

Youth For Human Rights

How to Study More Effectively


The Jam Band works hard and plays hard and combining our musical activities with improving the lives of those around us is right where we want to be. 


We hope you enjoy our music and encourage you to get out there stretch your own creative wings!

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